Friday, August 26, 2011

Open Windows now has friends!

Last March I made my older son a quilt (Open Windows) and today I finished up the entire bed makeover by sewing pillow shams.  I used this pillow tutorial from the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of Quilt Magazine as a guide for the easy slip in method for the pillow inserts - no zipper involved!  

Open Windows and friends
I'll admit that I am now completely sick of these colors - including the grey - and am so glad to be done with this project.  Woe is me that I think I'm going to go with grey for the t-shirt quilt project.  Help me. 

The best reward for my efforts?  A very thankful older son who gave me a big hug. Love that boy.  

Now if I can only get him to keep the bed looking like what you see above.  

Have a safe and wonderful rest of your Friday,


  1. they are perfect together! what a nice combo - it's hard to do that for a guy, but you really pulled it off!

  2. Really nice. Good boy quilt!

  3. oh, your pillows are beautiful, Susan! So nice with the quilt & glad son is appreciative!

  4. My boys have always been BAD about making the bed too. Love the quilt and pillows...AND you got a HUG! Yeah!