Monday, April 30, 2012

Sewing Five Minutes at a Time

When I sew I prefer to for longer stretches of time, say at the minimum sixty minutes. As my sewing space is also my kitchen table, I have to move my sewing machine and supplies to the floor every time the four of us sit down for a meal together.  It's actually a total pain and the wish for my own sewing space is growing daily.

This past weekend though I kept my sewing machine on the table, ready for action whenever I had the opportunity to sew... which I initially thought would be a lot more than what occurred.  The weekend was beyond busy but I did get a chance to sit down, and I'm not kidding, for five minutes here and there to work on these bags for my boys:

Camo Lined Drawstring Bags
I've made these bags before (Lined Drawstring Bags) and love the pattern by Jeni of In Color Order.  I purchased her pattern so I could a) avoid the math to make different sizes and b) show Jeni that I appreciated her tutorial.  I used a very thick camouflage fabric specifically chosen by my older son - who knew there were like 100 different camouflage patterns?   These are the Project Bag size: Approximately 13" x 8".

The five minutes here and there didn't feel all that gratifying but then I ended up with finished bags which felt great and made the boys very happy.  I'll have to remember that five minutes of anything here and there can make a difference over time.

I was not surprised when the bags went out into "the field" immediately to begin reconnaissance work in my front yard....

Later on I found them in the backyard among my lettuce, keeping the birds away.

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Happy Monday everyone!


  1. It really is amazing what you can get done with just a few minutes here and there. That is pretty much what my sewing time has evolved to right now. I moved my machine from my sewing room to the dining room table so I could keep an eye on the kids and sneak in a little sewing between all the snacks and other kid needs. It has definitely helped boost my production, even if it get a bit frustrating to have to start and stop so much! But those bags look great and fun that they're already being used!

  2. I sew at my kitchen table as well. Most of the time I don't mind, but some days I would like my own space. It gets old moving things back and forth. Your boys' bags look great! I will be showing my boys to see if they are interested in having one.

  3. Your bags look great - good for you for getting them done in spite of the busy weekend!

  4. So funny! That's great that they're already getting used! After well over a year of sewing on my dining room table, I finally took over a small corner desk in our master bedroom. I LOVE being able to have my machine set up all the time, although it took a week or so of rearranging furniture to make it happen. Well worth it though!

  5. Even though I have a whole shed for my sewing I still only do it on the dining table, and I'm ashamed to say that (apart from a small corner for breakfast in shifts) the only time we eat there is Christmas.
    It sounds like you were really determined to get those bags done and they look great.
    Teresa x

  6. The bags look great, but I'm curious what the boys use them for, and how did they end up in your garden? If they keep the birds away, will it work on a gopher? Our pet gopher has appeared in the flower bed again and is driving my husband insane! I need to get rid of him (the gopher).

  7. Hi Susan, How fun! The bags look great and you've got great kids to be so appreciative. I guess the advantage of the kitchen table is that they see just how much work it takes. I am forever and always grateful for my dedicated sewing space. It will happen for you someday! Tami In Denver

  8. Love your bags, they are amazing!

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