Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I Served My Picky Eater Last Night

Do you follow the Bon Appetit blog called The Feed?  I do (what a surprise) and last week they featured Karen Le Billon who just wrote  French Kids Eat Everything: How Our Family Moved to France, Cured Picky Eating, Banned Snacking, and Discovered 10 Simple Rules for Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters.  

Yes a very long title...but the message is worth the eyestrain!  The message being that in her opinion, when she moved to France with her young children she was able to glean from the French food culture around her certain rules and norms which helped her teach her own children how to become like she says, happy & healthy eaters.  Go here to read her interview on The Feed.  She's got a fun blog too - click on her name above to visit.

I have a relative picky eater in the house - he will eat a lot of just a few things and I have gotten used to tailoring my menus to his likes and dislikes. After reading the interview and viewing the informative and engaging French Food Rules graphic (BA and Ms. La Billon - please don't come after me...the credit is all yours!) I decided to take a stand.
French Food Rules from Bon Appetit.com and Karen Le Billon
Last night I served Stir-fried Eggplant and Tofu from Sunset Magazine for dinner and followed numbers 3, 5 & 6 on above list.  It was a bit stressful for me as he (younger son) came in and out of the kitchen during my prep, mumbling away at what he was going to be eating.  The misery continued on during dinner as he limped along, cutting the small "no thank you bites" I had given him into minuscule pieces for him to ingest.  I kept it together though and did my best to ignore his reactions and kept the conversation going - not about food.
What I served the little stinker....

In the end I was happy - I had made a dinner that I really enjoyed, the husband liked it too and said we should have it again (score!) and my younger son ate his dinner...well most of it.

I'm linking up to Debbie with her Tuesday at the Table feature so please go read what she says about quiche. Not only a great recipe but great advice today.  (like always!

So excited that today is finally here as I've been writing Lesson Plans and studying for a midterm that finally culminates today - can't wait to get the sewing machine out and start crafting...and have some fun!
Enjoy your day~


  1. Your dinner looks great! I'm thinking maybe I'll serve that tonight and probably have some of the same "kid" issues. If you can listen to your son with grace and patience...I will try to do the same here too. ;) Have a good day at school.

  2. Yay for you not catering to your child's pickiness. I believe children will not go hungry if good food is offered. And it looks good!

  3. Great post! I'll go read the whole article - thank you for sharing that. I've survived the raising of the kids, thank goodness. You go, Susan!

  4. p.s. and thanks for linking up, of course! ;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I just got to "brag" that I only fail to do number 7. I was a picky kid, and I'm afraid I simply did the opposite of everything that I didn't like growing up, and somehow it all matches up quite nicely with that list! Both me and my oldest have blood sugar issues(as does my mom), thus the snacking, but my kids eat just about anything. I love to see the shocked faces of adults in sushi restaurants, at pot lucks and other "public" eating places as my kids try and eat even things they wouldn't. That last rule is the most important ;-).

  6. What is the green? Nori?

  7. Love eggplant and nobody here likes it. Love the French way of eating. I don't make food an issue for the Young Man, but this is also not a restaurant. He often eats something he doesn't like just because it is the only thing we are having. He is healthy, relatively happy and no worse for the wear.

  8. I love that list! I have been blessed so far with non-picky eaters, but honestly they don't have much choice in this house. And congratulations on reaching the midterm and good luck!

  9. That is awesome. Our youngest is driving me crazy with finickiness. The other kids are not too bad. We have the rule that you have to taste everything you are served but you don't have to eat the rest if you don't like it. And sometimes they go to bed hungry because of it. Silly kids.

  10. We adopted the same rules as A.J.Dub, the kids had to try everything, even if the bite was only as big as a crouton. I refused to make something different for them to eat while others enjoyed the meal as is. When the kids were small, Thanksgiving was absolute torture due to all the unfamiliar dishes being served. We stuck to our guns, and we have a houseful of kids that like salad, vegetables, even eggplant. I only wish my methods worked on my husband, who still refuses to eat fish, although I have made a little progress with the onions :/