Sunday, February 20, 2011

History Quilter Podcast Episode #3 is now available

Hey everyone,

Episode #3 is now available on both iTunes and podbean.  I have now created a blog for The History Quilter in Blogger as the podbean site is not all that user friendly - you can get it here:

Complete podcast notes will be available (once I get a chance to create them) for all three episodes will be on the blogger site.

No photos today, sorry.  I've been very busy the past week with a lot of school commitments, braces put on for my younger son and a few doctor appointments for my father.  After the husband wakes up from his morning nap we will be off to my garden plot to check out how the rain we have received over the last two days affected the garden.  Thanks to Shelley at The Rebel Homemaker for some great ideas for my garden - I can't wait to plant potatoes!  By the way, she posted a super cool Star Wars pillow the other day - go check it out.

Tomorrow should be a very well deserved catch up day with the boys off from school and the husband back to work!  (hehe)


  1. Hahaha! Hey - that's me! The potatoes and peas I planted have just begun to sprout - I hope yours work out. Let me know if you come across any trouble with it!

  2. I loved listening to your third podcast. How fun it would be to actually make a quilt from a pattern published in a 1930's newspaper. I think this is a great idea for one of the quilting magazines or even for the newspaper to put out the pattern.