Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An MRI is not an enjoyable Work In Progress

Oh boy, what an experience!  I got home a little while ago (after a stop at The Coffee Bean to get myself a well-deserved Hot Chocolate) from my first MRI experience.  The claustrophia part wasn't the real problem as I kept my eyes closed and did my best to think about dinner ideas, my 2pm Econ test or fabric, etc.,  but making myself be still was the challenging part.  At about 3/4 of the way through the 20 minutes or so that the test took, I almost lost it.

Was this  (imagine an illustration of my fingers inserted here - I cannot draw so I won't pain you) close to shouting to the tech to stop the test.


Kept it together though and finished it hoping that the 20 minutes or so of the uncomfortableness was worth it to find out what is going on in my L5-Sacrum area which vexes me.  I've never been one for easily explainable ailments so this one with my back seems to be par for the course.  I can run, jog, play soccer, garden without a problem but when I sit for too long of a time or when I lie down (yea, sleeping is real fun) that lower left region of my back starts to scream at me.  Why an MRI?  Well, we (still) have health insurance and although I am not one to milk insurance of any kind, this has been going on for over two years now and Chiropractic care, tons of stretching and exercising and even a new bed have not changed my symptoms so therefore, an MRI.

So that is my back issue WIP.  Now on to crafting!

Finished Blocks Four and Six and have cut out the fabric for Block seven and eight and nine are look real pretty on the computer.   I will do both but probably not do the appliqué on Block eight as appliqué scares me.
Block Four

Block Six
When I got "Kona'ed" about a week ago, I immediately set out to cut six inch squares with most of those fat quarters for a quilt I am making for my older son.  He began laying them out in a manner he liked then got bored so I finished it up.  I needed a photo so that when I finished sewing the columns I would have a reference point.  I'm sashing this with Kona Coal and so far I have sewn up two columns - I'll save photos for the big finish!
Quilt for Older Son
Other WIP's
Sliced Coins QA
School Yard Quilt
FQ 2010 Mystery BOM

No more I say!  I'm not starting anything new until at least one of those items above get finished.  

A few more gratuitous photos of what winter in So. Cal looks like:

Looks kind of sad, but that is an Early Girl Tomato with onions in the foreground.

Flowering Plum Tree with my Eureka Lemon on the right.  Nice electric pole, eh?  
Off to study and come up with something spectacular for dinner.  Ha!

Please don't forget to check out other great WIP's at Freshly Pieced with Lee.  I can always count on some great eye candy there every Wednesday!



  1. Your block-a-palooza blocks look great! Love those fabrics - kinda disappointed I decided to make mine a 'stash' quilt, but I did purchase some of the sunkissed grays to consolodate myself! ;-)
    Love your KONA's too & anxious to see how that goes together.
    Curious how you find your QA's - just blogs you follow or flickr posts or ? I'd like to try another one (am also doing SOCKEN, but it is very short & easy)....
    oh, & sorry to hear about your MRI - hope it provides some answers!

  2. Wow, I love your Kona quilt wip, I'm in love with solids at the moment. I can't wait to see the big reveal :) As for your MRI, I'm sorry to hear about you had to go through that, it sure doesn't sound like fun. I hope that it winds up providing some helpful information!

  3. I hope you get your back sorted out soon! I am quite jealous of your lemon tree. Mine is just a stick, but it's got some new growth and flowers on it finally. Maybe I'll get a lemon this year! I'll be curious to see how your spring planted onions do. I put mine in last October and November and they're coming along nicely.

  4. Oh no, sorry about your back! I hope they can figure out what's going on and fix it.

    Your blockapalooza blocks are beautiful! Thanks for linking up this week, have a great one. : )

  5. Dang! Sitting is the most relaxing part of my day! Sorry about your pain. Can I make you a crafty ice pack cover? :)

    I am in envy of your garden. Fresh lemons and plums? Why do I still live in The Lame South? And your blockapalooza choices, I remember from your podcast that you are being selective - and I like it. They are looking great.

  6. Sorry to hear about the MRI. Your Blockapalloza looks like it is going well. I like the colors and placement for your son quilt.