Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work-In-Progress Wednesday & a finish

Work in Progress first:
#1 First is the Sliced Coins QA.  Dreadful photo - I should have put these down on a sheet or something as my carpet is bluish/green (seriously - came with the house) but in person these coins look great!  Didn't lay it out with the sashing yet.
Sliced Coins QA
#2 Working on something fun for a teacher friend of mine.  I had a charm pack and honey bun of the American Jane Punctuation line and I am making a quilt using the Square One pattern from Camille Roskelley's Simplify book.  It is coming along nicely but I forgot to take photos while I had it out.

#3 About to start a XL Twin sized quilt for my older son.  We finally bought him a XL Twin bed (the boy is way too tall for a Twin sized) and he has requested a quilt made by me!  I'm actually thrilled and can't wait to make it happen.  

#4 Blockapalloza QA - completed block one, cut out fabric for block two and looked at block three.  Hmm.
#5 Fat Quarter Shop BOM - behind by three/four months.  Another hmm.  

#6 - organizing all of the above into an area the size of a shoebox!  

Had a pretty rotten couple of days last week.  Last Thursday night was my first education class for the SS Teaching Credential and so during the day I was a bit nervous - I always get a little anxious before first classes but then it passes and all is fine.   What then added to that minimal stress was a texting fight I got myself into with a family member at about 4pm - two hours before class time.  Not enjoyable one bit.  Do any of you have a sibling that you have practically no connection with, but have always wanted to?  Have always tried to but whatever you do it seems to never be right?   

Two hours later at approximately 6:30pm, as the teacher is telling us how MUCH work it is going to be not only this semester but the entire credential, I started having doubts.  Doubts about whether I should go for it, whether I could do it, etc.  When I got home from school that night I burst into tears on the couch with my husband and poured out all of my thoughts.  How can I put this credential program before my family whom I've put #1 for almost 15 years?  Most of the classes are at night - family hates that.  I need new clothes for observing in the classroom and student teaching! (Stay at home mom uniform for almost 15 years - do I have any work clothes?  No.) 

My husband was very supportive and helped to calm me down.  Had another good cry Friday morning after the children were off to school and then righted myself.  It was hard to have both of those events mingle in my head - I'm very sure that if I had not already been stressed out by my sibling then what I learned in class would not have mattered so much.  Almost a week later now and I'm full steam ahead with the credential program and no where with the relationship with my sibling.   

If you read all of that, thank you.  I appreciate it.  Here is a bonus for you:

I finished the That Girl QA!  Well, almost - I'm too scared to wash it! What if the Kona Red bleeds?  Please any ideas on what kind of detergent I should use would be appreciated.

If any of you listed to my first History Quilter podcast, then Thank You!  I am planning on recording another one this week and upload to iTunes.

Don't forget to check out what others are doing with their WIP's at Freshly Pieced.  I know I will!  


  1. Good on you for forging ahead in your program--you can do it! But I can understand why your relationship with your sibling is where it is: you've got a lot of inertia and history to work with, there.

    Your quilt is gorgeous! I have seen others recommend Shout color-catcher cloths--maybe a couple of those in the wash with the quilt would help prevent bleeding?

  2. You can do it. I'm sure it will be hard work, but I'm sure you can do it and I think you'll be really proud when it's all done.

    Oh wow!! Your Bliss quilt looks fantastic! And I definitely second the Shout color-catchers. My Christmas quilt had a boatload of Kona Red and didn't bleed with a color-catcher. I think I used two, to be on the safe side, but I think one would have sufficed just fine.

  3. Oh, your That Girl quilt is so, so beautiful! Good job finishing it. Do try the color-catchers, as others have recommended.

    Sorry to hear about all your stress. : ( That must be tough getting back into the work/education world after 15 years. I'm guessing I'll be in that situation myself in a few more years! It's good that you're forging ahead - I know you'll be glad you did!

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a great week.

  4. Sorry you have so much stress. Glad to hear you have a good support system in your husband.

    Love your finished quilt! Have you ever used Shout Color Catchers?? I swear by them, they are in the laundry aisle and look like dryer sheets. But you put them in the wash and they pick up the loose ink in the water.

  5. Love your Bliss quilt! Shout color catchers for sure.

    Good luck with your studies! I understand the first-day jitters. I bet it will be better once you get in to it!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the sibling. For me it is my sister. We do not see eye to eye. She is load, playful, rude, and a drama queen. I am quiet, respectful, and reserved. So different.

    I love the quilt. I need to finish mine sometime in this century.

    Hang in there!!

  7. Petting fabric is my fave form of stress relief. You'll do fine in the credentialing program--it's just tough getting back into the swing of things, isn't it? Profs like to talk about how hard things are going to be to weed out the people who aren't actually all that serious about it. You're serious about it! And you've got a supportive hubby, which is half the battle. Sorry about the sib issues. I'll send healing thoughts your way! Meanwhile, keep looking at that gorgeous quilt and letting it make you smile! (And yes, I concur on the Color Catchers.)

  8. Love your blog, Susan as well as your quilt. We use Shout Color Catchers and they work very well.
    Glad to see your are moving ahead with your classes -- you can do it!!!
    There are many quilting yahoo groups but one of the best is called Cyberquilters. They are amazing in what they find on line! I'll try to send you other sites as I come across them.
    I really had a great time with you at Road to Calif. It was a great day. We will definitely have to do it again!