Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Podcast Notes for Episode #1

Although quite short at 5 minutes, this podcast was my first!  

I spoke about going to see the Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase in Ontario, California on Saturday, January 22, 2011.  Web address for the show is www.road2ca.com.  Next year the show is January 19-22, 2012.  

Square One pattern by Camille Roskelley in her Simplify book.  I've named this quilt School Yard.  Fabric is American Jane's Punctuation Charm Squares & a Honey Bun.  Kona white is used for sashing.   

School Yard Quilt
That Girl..That Quilt, quilt along.  Used Camille Roskelly's Bliss fabric and Kona Red and White for sashing.  This was a great quilt along - please go check it out here.  http://www.thatgirlthatquilt.com/p/that-quilt-along.html

Bliss quilt for my niece

Bliss Quilt for my niece
That's all for today!  

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  1. Hi, I really enjoyed listening to episode 1 & 2 of your podcast, I noticed 3 is now dowloading on my itunes so I thought I'd check out your blog & leave you a message.
    I had to laugh, -our blogs have the same template and we have both made quilts recently using Moda Bliss fabric and Punctuation! My moda bliss quilt was also for my niece! Check out my blog for a look. Great minds think alike I must assume.
    Kindest regards, Erica. x